Catering payments must be made 2 days prior to event.

All catering prices apply to 25 people or more.
Delivery is free for 50 people or more within city limits.
Out of city limits there will be a $65.00 charge.

In city limits fewer than 50 people there will be a $35.00 charge.
Warmers are available if needed (Usually for 50 or more people).

Credit card hold deposit required.

Warmers must be returned by next business day. If not returned, there will be a $45.00 charge per warmer.
Serving (all serving is buffet style) will be included for 100 people or more if needed.
If fewer than 100 people, serving fee is $75.00 per hour.

Combination Plates

Includes plates, forks, and napkins.
All combination plates include beans and your choice of rice, potato salad, or squash.

(There is an additional $.75 charge per plate for squash or Potato Salad)

Red Chile Plate

  • per person 8.99

Includes tortilla (Make it a Popover or Yeast Bread for .75)

Birria Plate

  • per person 7.99

Includes tortilla (Make it a Popover or Yeast Bread for .75)

Freshly Made Popovers At Your Event

  • per hour (50) 125.00

We offer our on-site services to make freshly made popovers at your event for $125.00 an hour (Can make approximately 50 popovers per hour) This also includes set up and clean up fee.


(Indian Fry Bread)

Red Chile

  • per person 7.25

Red Chile & Beans

  • per person 7.75

Red Chile Indian Taco

  • per person 8.75

(Red Chile, Beans, Lettuce & Cheese)

Ground Beef Indian Taco

  • per person 8.25

(Ground Beef, Beans, Lettuce, Cheese, and Tomato)


  • per person 4.25

Honey and Powdered Sugar

  • per person 4.75

Chocolate and Powdered Sugar

  • per person 4.75


Regular Tea

  • per person 1.25

Cinnamon Tea

  • per person 1.50

Side Dishes

Pint (Feeds 1-2 people)
Quart (Feeds 4-5 people)
Gallon (Feeds 20-25 people)

Red Chile

    • Pint 11.00


    • Quart 20.00


  • Gallon 68.00

Beans and Rice

    • Pint 5.50


    • Quart 9.50


  • Gallon 30.00


    • Pint 7.50


    • Quart 13.50


  • Gallon 38.00

Potato Salad

    • Pint 7.50


    • Quart 13.50


  • Gallon 38.00